About the Series

Michael’s Storytime

Michael’s Storytime is a children’s educational series, dedicated to reading and discussing children’s literature.

We strive to provide children and their caregivers a quality storytime. One that can be available when they need it, free of charge and without ads or commercial interruption.

There will never be a substitute for a caregiver reading with a child, but Michael’s Storytime tries to provide a caring and comforting environment, that celebrates the reading experience.

About Michael

Michael Kinsell is an American writer, songwriter and host of the children’s educational series, Michael’s Storytime. Born in San Diego, California, Kinsell was raised by a single mom alongside his younger brother and cousin. At an early age, Kinsell developed an interest in early childhood education, from caring for his younger siblings while their mother had to work. Today, Kinsell is a child development teacher and works to develop media content, to help facilitate the intellectual, social and emotional needs of young children.

For more information about Michael please visit: michaelkinsell.com