Michael Kinsell

Michael Kinsell is an award-winning writer, producer, and story editor best known as the creator and host of the beloved children’s educational series Michael’s Storytime.

Born in San Diego, CA, Kinsell was raised by a single mom and discovered a passion for child development from the hands-on role he played in caring for his younger siblings while his mother worked. He later became an educator of young children, which inspired him to produce esteemed media content to advance the cognitive, social, and emotional growth of children and young adults.

Kinsell went on to become a full-time writer, where he edited manuscripts for major publishers, which included instructional materials, textbooks, manuals, and junior novels. His creativity further flourished onto the screen as he authored numerous segments for animated children’s programming.

Today, Kinsell is a freelance writer, screenwriter, and editor dedicated to inspiring young readers to change the world through the power of reading.

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