Privacy Policy

The safety of you and the children in your life matter to me a great deal.

I do not use cookies.

I do not store, collect, or sell your personal information.

Episodes of Michael’s Storytime are now and always have been FREE!

Full episodes are available on this site, as well as YouTube, and YouTube Kids.

Children should always have adult supervision when using any electronic or mobile device.

Information shared on this site reflects my own thoughts and feelings. You should not consider it professional advice.

Caregivers often like to know who the children in their life are spending time with. If you contact me, I won’t use a web search to find out more about you. I feel that’s an invasion of your privacy. The internet’s a big place. Some information may be true, other times it’s inaccurate or unknown. But if you come across something about me or my work and you’d like to learn more, please ask me about it. There may be times that I’m unable to comment on errors because of confidentiality restrictions, but I’ll do my best.

A screen can never replace a caregiver reading with a child.