Why You May Like Michael's Storytime

Michael’s Storytime is a non-monetary making production.

No ads. No cookies. No paid links—or anything of the kind, on this site, or anywhere else. If I mention a book, I trust that you’re capable of doing your own research.

I often read over 70 picture books before finding one worth sharing.

Not all great picture books make it onto the cool lists or take home the awards. Wouldn’t that make my life easier if they did? Instead, I usually end up at the back of a bookstore, on my hands and knees, digging through stacks of shelves, genuinely anxious I may find nothing. I select the books I do because I feel they exemplify excellence in children’s literature.

Produced with a child in mind.

Since 2018, I’ve held a Child Development Teacher Permit in the state of California. I majored in child development for most of my college years, but when I got a job after school, I couldn’t support myself financially. I made minimum wage, doing what often felt like a manual labor job. I did a lot of cleaning (which I actually really enjoyed); I changed diapers, heard crying toddlers ringing in my head after I went to sleep, and in the interim felt like I developed an empathy for caregivers I hope stays with me forever. Every book, every image, and word of text is gone through as if I planned to share it with the classrooms I had the privilege of getting to know.

Me filming in my garage, at fifteen.

Filming a demo for Michael’s Storytime in February 2016.

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