Gomer and Little Gomer

Teaching Tips

Best read (in my experience) to four- and five-year-olds before they go out to play or closer to when they’re about to go home. In the story, Gomer loses his soft toy dog. Reading this to a four- and five-year-old class first thing in the morning or too close to naptime may cause ones to grow homesick or argue for 45 minutes about who gets to sleep with certain classroom lovies during naptime.

With two- and three-year-olds, I could read it any time and never had a problem. Three-year-old classrooms, in particular, seemed to connect with the story at a deeper level. One that reminded me of how differently children often see the world than adults.

Episode #12

Gomer and Little Gomer

Written by R. A. Herman 

Illustrated by Steve Haskamp 

Read with permission by

R. A. Herman and Steve Haskamp


Dogs, Loss, Friendship, Acceptance.


3 – 6 years


“Always carrying Little Gomer, his favorite stuffed animal, wherever he goes, Gomer the dog is devastated when he leaves his beloved friend behind at the park by accident—forcing him to face a night without him for the very first time.”

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