Hug Me

Episode #7

Hug Me

Written by Simona Ciraolo

Read with Permission By

Flying Eye Books


Cactus, Desert, Rocks, Friendship, Hugs, Wanting, Waiting, Seeking, Receiving.


3 – 5 years


“Ever feel like you need a hug, a really big hug from someone? That’s how Felipe the young cactus feels, but his family just isn’t the touchy-feely kind. Cactuses can be quite prickly sometimes you know . . . and so can Felipe. But he’ll be darned if this one pointy issue will hold him back, so one day Felipe sets off on his own to find a friend and just maybe, that long-awaited hug.”

Teaching Tips

Great for any age or time of day, especially if you need a shorter, emotionally compelling read aloud. Hug Me is one of the most requested books I’ve shared from children and adults.

CAUTION: Please remember to emphasize how cautious we have to be when handling a real cactus or other plants or flowers, such as a rose, which may have spikes or thorns.


  • Why do we have to be careful with a cactus?
  • What could happen if we touched a cactus?
  • What are other things sharp that we have to be careful with?

Activity Ideas

Tactile Lesson Plan

– Make a cactus using modeling clay and tiny plant pots.

– Remove the edges of a green sponge students can decorate with little eyes and cut up pipe cleaner pieces for spikes.

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